Hello travelers, I hope you are exploring beautiful places around you. So, I am exploring too and recently I visited to holy place Dhianpur Dham which is popular Hindu pilgrimage site among the followers of Shri Bawa Lal Ji. So to know in detail about this place please read the full blog.

Brief information about Dhianpur dham

Shri Dhianpur Dham is an eternal residence of Shri Bawa Lal Ji, where he himself has taken the form of Samadhi, to make it convenient for devotees to worship Him. Devotees experience the divinity of the most merciful incarnation of Supreme Lord Shri Bawa Lal ji, and offer prayers.

This place holds religious belief that married couples not having a child visit here to seek blessings from Bawa lal Ji for having a child. You will see families visit here with newly born babies.

Here you will see The Boali a sacred step well in Shri Dhianpur Dham which was originally built in the life period of Shri Bawa Lal ji. Anyone who takes bath in the sacred Boali of Shri Dhianpur Dham while remembering Shri Bawa Lal ji will be liberated from the sufferings and fulfil one’s mundane and spiritual desires”. Also their is a religious belief that sacred Boali in Shri Dhianpur Dham has divine mystical powers which provides relief from diseases.

Apart from this, Baoli here holds the ritual with this place is that the women not having child, taking bath in the sacred Boali on the Chanana Shanivar (Saturdays of the bright fortnight coming twice in each month) and the divine prasadam given by His Divine Holiness Shri Maharajji having his blessings residing within it, fulfills the wishes of all women.

Best Time to visit at Dhianpur dham:

You can visit Dhianpur dham throughout the year, but still if you want to visit this place on special occasions then you can visit on the birthday of Shri Bawa Lal ji and anytime on saturday or sunday

How to reach Dhyanpur dham : Dhianpur Dham is 20 kms away from Batala in Punjab state where you can easily reach dhyanpur via road, railways and airways.

By Airways
The nearest airport for coming to Shri Dhianpur Dham is the ‘Raja Sansi Airport’ of Amritsar. From there, any vehicle can be taken to reach Dhianpur.

By Railways
The nearest Railway station is at Batala, but the main railway station is at Amritsar from there you can reach via bus or taxi to reach Dhianpur sham.

By Road: You can easily visit here via road by bus, taxi or self driving. To reach here by road Dhianpur Dham is 20 kms away from Batala in Punjab state. While driving on this route, about 16 Kms, you will reach village ‘Kotli’ and then after reaching at kotli you need to take left after 3kms and you will reach at Dhianpur sham. Devotees who are driving in own car they have a parking space in temple complex.

Best experience of traveling to beautiful Dhianpur dham

My experience of traveling to beautiful Dhianpur Dham:

I visit Dhianpur dham with my family from Jammu city which is approximately 120 kms in the state of Punjab. The atmosphere of this place is very peaceful and positive. We reach Dhianpur dham at 1 pm and we have to wait because the temple gates are closed from 1 pm to 3 pm. Meanwhile the temple gates were closed I went to langar hall to have a prasadam which is very tasty. After eating the prasadam I started exploring the temple complex and waited fort the main temple gates to open.

So while exploring the whole temple complex I saw the divine Peepal tree which existed from the time of Shri Bawa Lal ji. Near to the divine Peepal tree I saw Shiva temple and not only this I saw Ram temple too. So after seeking prayers at Ram temple the time was 2:30 pm and devotees started gathering in queue in front of main temple and waited for the temple gates to open.

When I entered the main temple there was a sculpture of Shri Bawa Lal ji and devotees with their children seeking blessings and offering prasadam to Shri Bawa Lal ji .

Accomodation facilities at Dhianpur Dham

Accommodation facilities are provided to the devotees visiting Shri Dhianpur Dham within the guesthouse buildings inside the temple complex at free of cost with the prior permission from the authorities, depending on your stay in Shri Dhianpur Dham.

Best experience of traveling to beautiful Dhianpur dham

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