Maha Shivratri is one of the famous Hindu festivals celebrated with great enthusiasm in India and outside India too. According to the Hindu Lunar calendar, this festival is generally celebrated in the month Maagh (February or March) according to the Hindu Lunar Calendar. In the year 2021, Shivratri will be celebrated on 11 March. Shivratri festival is equally celebrated by everyone but if you are looking to know more about this festival then experience the vibes of the Shivaratri festival in the best way with Kashmiri Hindus.

Experience Shivaratri festival in the best way with Kashmiri Hindus

I have many Kashmiri friends from where I got to know that Kashmiri Hindus had a unique tradition in celebrating the Shivratri festival so I had a thought to share the Shivratri celebrations with everyone. So, for that, I ask one of my Kashmiri friends Isha Bhan to share with us how they celebrate the Shivratri festival.

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Experience Shivaratri festival in the best way with Kashmiri Hindus

So after the introduction of my friend let’s not wait more and start sharing how Kashmiri Hindus celebrate the Shivaratri festival.

‘Shivratri’ festival is most scrupulously observed by the Kashmiri Pandits in great enthusiasm. We Kashmiris call it “Herath” where God Shiv Ji and Goddess Parvati are worshipped with great devotion everywhere in the country.

Experience Shivaratri festival in the best way with Kashmiri Hindus

We started our Shivratri preparations about three weeks earlier where each day or a group of days had a religious function and that also include social performances also. of the names are:- Akodah, Hurya Aatham, Dyara Daham, Vagarye Bah, Heracnia Truvah, Donya Mavas and Tila Aatham.

The entertainment of the Shivratri festival extends to about three weeks in Kashmiri Pandit house-holds. During the first week, we clean our homes. Then in the second week, we do different kinds of worship. The day before 13/14 day of celebration we celebrate Dyra Daham in which married daughters visit their in-laws with auspicious cheer and presents.

On 13/14 night we do long worship of the idle which represents Siva-Sakti and a host of other deities. It is a happy time, time of joy, devotion, and peace along with chanting mantras like:- Namah Sambhavaya Cha,
Mayo Bhavaya Cha,
Namah Sankaraya Cha,
Mayas Karaya Cha,
Namah Sivaya Cha,
Sivtaraya Cha.

On the day of the Shivaratri festival, we keep fast, put on simple garments, or new according to the custom of each area. Our way of celebrating Herath is very unique where Two earthen pitchers filled with nuts soaked in water and flowers represent Shiva and Sakti. Then a definite number of small earthen pots containing a nut and water symbolize the Ghanas and other deities. These pitchers and pots, collectively are called “Vatuk“. There is a set form of worship in every Kashmiri Pandits’ homes. So, after the fast and worship, prasad is taken at midnight.

Experience Shivaratri festival in the best way with Kashmiri Hindus
Experience Shivaratri festival in the best way with Kashmiri Hindus

After the 14th day, prasad (nuts from the pitchers) is distributed among relatives and friends for about a week. The festival actually ends on the Phalgun Krishna Ashtami called Tila “Aatham“. On the evening of this day, people wind up all the material of worship and assemble it by the riverside to immerse the same. In the evening they play local fireworks called ‘Ja-tun-tun’. Both young and old, are in their playful mood during the days of the festival. Thus comes to an end the Kashmiri Pandit version of Herath, the Mahashivratri of India.

Experience Shivaratri festival in the best way with Kashmiri Hindus

In the end, I thank Isha Bhan for sharing her experience with us and I hope everyone will like it too. Also wishing everyone a very happy Maha Shivaratri.

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