Before starting my Blog, Firstly I wish everyone a very Happy Krishan Janmashtami.

How to celebrate Krishan Janmashtami at home

Krishan Janmashtami is one of the most beautiful festivals celebrated in India dedicated to celebrating the birth of God Krishan JI. This festival is widely celebrated by Hindus across the country. Devotees of Krishan Ji visit religious places across the country to celebrate the Janmashtami festival with their friends and families to experience the vibes of this beautiful festival.

On the eve of the Janmashtami festival, Devotees not only from India but across the world visit the birthplace of Krishan Ji Mathura – Vrindavan to celebrated this vibrant festival. Every year a large number of devotees visit Mathura – Vrindavan.

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But this year due to the Corona Virus outbreak which is declared as Pandemic by “WHO” (World Health Organisation) the whole world is still in Lockdown. Due to which traveling within the country and from outside the country and all gathering places (including religious places) is restricted so with this Devotees won’t be able to visit Mathura – Vrindavan or any other religious places this time to feel the vibes of Janmashtami festival rather devotees have to celebrate Janmashtami this time at home with family.

So here are a few ways to celebrate Krishan Janmashtami at home :

Performing a simple Pooja at home: Since we are celebrating the birth of God Krishan Ji firstly we need to seek blessings by performing simple pooja at home to make our lives happy and successful. Pooja can be performed by placing the idol of Krishan Ji and decorate with flowers, tulsi leaves, and by lighting a lamp around the idol. While doing Pooja chant “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” and offer fruits and sweets to Krishan Ji. At the end of the Pooja distribute those fruits and sweets as Prasad (sacred offerings) among family members.

How to celebrate Krishan Janmashtami at home

Decorate your House: You can hang colorful decorative items to adorn the house on the eve of Janmashtami. Also clean and decorate your place to pray at home.

Dress up your little ones: If you had little ones at your then home dress up little ones as Krishan Ji or Radha Ji in cute and colorful outfits which looks amazing.

Cook favorite food to offer Krishan Ji: Another amazing way to celebrate the Janmashtami festival at home is to cook favorite food to offer Krishan Ji. Food to cook is homemade Butter, sweets such as ( Ladoos, Kheer ).

How to celebrate Krishan Janmashtami at home

How to celebrate Krishan Janmashtami at home

In the end, I hope you like my blog and I pray to Krishan Ji to end this Coronavirus pandemic soon so, devotees started resuming their religious places to seek blessings from God.

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