Hello everyone before writing this blog I would like to say that we as a world are facing the impact of the Covid 19 coronavirus which is already declared as a pandemic by (WHO). So I pray to almighty behalf the people from all over the world be safe and protected. More importantly, as a responsible citizen, I am totally with government decision to stop traveling so I am not encouraging anyone to travel right now. The blogs I share during this phase are totally in my past experience.

Impact of Covid 19 Coronavirus:

This virus has badly impacted our economy as a whole especially tourism sector from all over the world because people are restricted to travel domestic or international which impacted tour operator and mainly airlines but we know the whole world is fighting with it so its the right time to isolate for some time to overcome with this virus.

Right now I can only say that soon our tourism industry from all over the world will rise again with new hopes and beginnings

Important lessons Taught By Corona Virus to Travellers

I strongly believe that every bad thing has a good thing too and I think is very important for travelers. Since people are isolated in their homes from the rest of the world due to overcoming with Coronavirus and with people staying at home spending more time with families and also saw fewer vehicles on the roads which lead to a decrease in pollution levels from the respective places. We can say that our earth is in the reboot phase.

I thought let us do something to reunite with tourism globally that when next time we start traveling after coronavirus impact ends we should do one thing that conserves our nature. What I did is I interact with few travelers to give their view on this that when next time we travel what one thing we should do to keep our environment clean.

Here are the views given by travelers: let’s hear the views from travelers they have to say on my thought

Ambuj Saxena: Our traveler 1 is Ambuj Saxena who is an entrepreneur and a travel blogger. He has co-founded BnBNation and Social Buzz and recently co-authored a book titled “Indian BnBs: An Emerging disruptor in the Hospitality sector”. Recently, he has been enrolled as a World Bank Trainer as a Communication Specialist for the World Bank’s Pro-Poor Tourism project in the Uttar Pradesh state of India.

Let’s hear his views on this:  Corona pandemic is a crisis and every crisis is an opportunity.  Ever since the Corona Virus has broken out in Wuhan in November 2019, the travel and hospitality industry and especially the Bed and Breakfast sector has seen a decline in the quantum of bookings. However, as a Hospitality Bloggers like us can find time away from distraction and write about the trips we couldn’t document or the destinations in the bucket list where we couldn’t go or an idea on how to make our travel more sustainable that leave a positive impact on the environment.

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Sneha Tilekar: Our traveler 2 is Sneha Tilekar, she is a Tour Operator in Maharashtra.

let’s hear her views on this: As we all are suffering from the side effects of the Corona Virus. Being working in the tourism sector I am worried about the situation and moreover I know the reaction of people towards Tourism. It’s fine we all are facing some bad days in our lives but right now the most important is survival and we can travel soon. Moreover, I would like to say that because of coronavirus there might be chances to increase domestic tourism.  I would like to mention that before we starting traveling again we as a traveler must keep our environment clean.

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Richa: Our traveler 3 is Lt Cdr Richa who is a Travel Blogger at Light Travel Action, and a mindset and Business Coach at One Tech Cookie where she helps entrepreneurs to create a Business & Life they Love.

Let’s hear her views on this: These are tough times and like all things, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. COVID 19 situation is just a reminder that nothing is permanent and that we should not take our nature granted. Once we see better days and start traveling again, I hope we will add more respect to our nature. To start with say not to free mineral water bottles offered by hotels. We have traveled to remote places in India and never had any episodes of stomach upset by consuming the water that locals were having. I am happy to see that now my kids are not only conscious about minimizing the use of plastic but they also volunteer to clean up plastic waste during our annual trips to the Himalayas.

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Important lessons Taught By Corona Virus to Travellers

Go limits event and travel management Pvt :  Our viewer 4 is Go limits event and travel management Pvt. limited is an event and travel management company thriving to provide you with superior and affordable travel opportunities.

So let’s hear their view: We at Go limits travel aim at smart travel. Covid-19 hitting the grounds has given Earth some time to breathe and us some time to think. We as a travel company believe that reconnecting with nature is very important but not at the cost of exploiting it. We plan the right and sustainable way of traveling. Cleanliness is the right way to live life and we aim to make our travel groups not just responsible about nature but conscious towards the effects one wrong action of ours might have on Earth. With Covid-19 doing rounds, we hope you stay safe and sound.

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Vikas Sodi : Our viewer 5 is Vikas Sodhi, who is a freelance Photojournalist devoted to ‘Jammu Tourism’. He is a passionate traveler exploring ancient and modern places nearby Jammu city and also an admin of well-renounced blog “JAMMU ENCYCLOPEDIA”. Where we specifically promote Jammu heritage and culture through our reach.

let’s hear his view : Travel isn’t always pretty and comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, our even breaks your heart. But that’s okay the journey changes you and should leave marks on your memory and your heart. Hopefully, you leave something good behind. I hope we will come out of this situation and start creating our memories again.
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Important lessons Taught By Corona Virus to Travellers

Hiral Pandya: Our traveler 6 is Hiral Pandya who is a dentist by profession and a traveler by passion. She is also a travel blogger from India write blogs at “Traveller by Birth

let’s hear her view: Because of the Covid 19 crisis, the tourism industry has shut down globally and we all travelers are in a static phase right now. But the silver lining do exist and hopefully, we will be able to travel again soon. It will be like a new beginning, a new era of tourism. Hence, we all should take a pledge that from now on we will travel responsibly. My motto is travel but leave no footprints. At least not a single plastic footprint. I would like to mention that let us all unite and travel plastic-free.

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Yukti Aggarwal: Our traveler 7 is Yukti Aggarwal, who is a travel blogger from India writes travel blogs at “Travel with me 24*7”.

let’s hear her view: Since we came to know about the Coronavirus outbreak from Wuhan in China everything needs to be stopped down there but we kept on traveling everywhere which leads to a worse situation. People were hesitating to block that route due to huge economic losses initially but now the whole world is facing consequences. We as a citizen need to be responsible here instead of thinking of our own we have to think for our locality, state, country and then the whole world. I hope we get overcome with this situation soon and when everything gets back to normal we should be thinking about our nature.

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Traxplorers: Our traveler 8 is Traxplorers who is a travel blogger living in Amritsar city in India. They always travel with their family which looks amazing and shares her experience through her blogs.

let’s hear her view on this: Firstly, I would like to say stay home and be safe. I know it is a hard time for travelers but for time being it is the need of an hour. According to my view, We as a traveler and a human being always respect our mother nature. I appeal to everyone to respect your mother nature otherwise it has its own mechanism to get even with human specie. The way in the name of development human is getting uprooted from nature is alarming. This isolation gives us time to rethink that our planet earth needs some time to relax. So our earth is in the Reboot phase. like we already seeing a decrease in pollution level which will result in a good future.

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Ayushi Gupta: Our traveler 9 is Ayushi Gupta who is Dentist by profession and foodie by passion and traveler too. She is also a content creator at “_Gourmandize_” where she shares her food stories and food guide in Jammu city.

Let’s hear her view on this: Firstly, I would like to say the whole world be safe and let us get united and fight against this coronavirus. Now, here I share my views with you whenever we visit the same destination after some years, the atmosphere of the destination doesn’t look the same! because people who traveled had ruined the integrity of the destination by harming our environment by using plastic water bottles and polythene bags. So, I would further like to mention that next time when we travel after coronavirus ends we should start using our own water bottles instead of using plastic bottles.

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Important lessons Taught By Corona Virus to Travellers

Kristin: Our traveler 10 is Kristin who started her blog “Sippin Gypsy”.  She is passionate about exploring unique places within each city.

Let’s hear her view on this: Since Spring is one of my favorite seasons but I would like to forget the Spring of 2020 because of the COVID-19 corona Virus because I have never seen in my life that whole cities across the world are closed. So, since we are ‘locked in’ and will certainly open doors of retrospection and reflection that when we can start traveling again, what are small things we should do that make us responsible citizens of our planet. When I start traveling again I will follow three simple practices and suggest other travelers follow these practices.

first, when you are sick, stay inside, second, consider traveling more in offseason and third, uplift local small businesses.

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Sahil Pratap: Our traveler 11 is Sahil Pratap, who is working in HDFC bank in Jammu city and I have a craze for traveling.

let’s hear his view on this : Before sharing I hope everyone is at home and be safe from all over the world. According to my view, is people are isolated in their homes I saw a blue sky and birds are flying so freely yesterday after so long because there are fewer vehicles on the roads and factories are closes. I also thought in one day the pollution level in Jammu city drop-down which looks beautiful. So I would like to say when we came out as victory over coronavirus we should start travel again by preserving our nature.

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Important lessons Taught By Corona Virus to Travellers

Netish Sharma: Our traveler 12 is Netish sharma who is a content creator at “Thatvogueguy” where he shared content related fashion and travel.

let’s hear his view on this: As far as the coronavirus is concerned, tourism has decreased to a great extent. Right now, It is safe to stay at home rather than travelling or stepping out of the house. My message for all the people who love travelling is that whenever we visit a new place, we should live the place instead of just clicking thousands of pictures . I agree that the pictures are memories for life but we should focus a bit more on living the moment also memories will be more special if we explore the destinations with clean surroundings

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Important lessons Taught By Corona Virus to Travellers

In the end, I hope you like my blog. I would like to Thanks every traveler who contributed in this. I hope during this isolation phase every one is safe and when we travel again we think about our nature.

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Hello everyone, I am Rahat Arora, I like to explore and capture good travel memories. Being travel lover I am also (travel blogger) through which I share my experience about places with the combination of exploring the place, culture and cuisines. So, I hope you all like my travel experience.

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