Mathura- Vrindavan is one of the most popular sacred places in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India dedicated to Lord Krishna. Many devotees from all over the world visit here to seek the blessings from Lord Krishna especially during Janmashtami and Holi festival celebrated in India. I went on a 2 day trip to Mathura- Vrindavan where I explore some of the famous temples.

My best experience of exploring Mathura-Vrindavan

So today, I will be sharing my best experience of exploring Mathura- Vrindavan.

I went on a 2 day trip to Mathura- Vrindavan with my friends for the first time in the year 2017 from Delhi during my Job. I travel from New Delhi railway station to Mathura Junction via Jehlum Express which arrives New Delhi railway station 9:55 AM and reaches Mathura Junction at 12:40 PM. I like to travel when there are some challenges and we need to plan our trip again. Before starting our journey we plan that first, we check into the and after having lunch we will start our trip from Vrindavan but when we reach Mathura we check in to lodge and lodge manager told us there was a panchayat election so it’s hard you will get a bus from Mathura to Vrindavan. So in order for this, we reschedule our trip since we stayed there only for one night and most of the temples in Vrindavan are must visit in the evening. Lodge manager suggests that you can hire an auto to explore temples in Mathura- Vrindavan and in the morning you can catch a bus to visit Barsaane and Nandgaon. We did as it is because Barsaane and Nandgaon are more than 40 km away from Mathura.

Temples we explored in Mathura- Vrindavan

So with the guide of an auto driver, we first visit Gokul and after Gokul, we visited Shri Kishan Janambhoomi and Bhagavad Gita temple at Mathura.

My best experience of exploring Mathura-Vrindavan

So, after visited the temples in Mathura the time was 5 PM we started our drive from Mathura to Vrindavan and firstly we visit Nidhivan because due to some spiritual activities the temple gates closed after 7 PM but in the morning you can visit anytime. After visiting Nidhivan we went to Banke Bihari temple which is popular all over the world. You will see devotees here chanting “Hare Rama Hare Krishna“. I suggest you not to miss Banke Bihari Temple but be aware of pickpockets. After visiting Banke Bihari temple we visited Prem Mandir which is known for marvelous architecture and here we saw a replica of Govardhan Parvat which looks beautiful. Before this, we haven’t made any plans to visit Govardhan Parvat but after seen Govardhan Parvat at Prem Mandir we thought to visit on next day. After visiting here we went to Iskon Temple which is the 2nd most popular temple in Mathura- Vrindavan the chanting of “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” makes the vibes of this temple beautiful. Even we saw foreigners here to enjoy the vibes of “Hare Rama Hare Krishna“. So here we have done with day 1 of our Mathura- Vrindavan trip and we went back to our lodge in Mathura. after fresh up, we ate dinner and took rest.

My best experience of exploring Mathura-Vrindavan

On the next morning, we want to start our journey to Barsane and Nandgaon as soon as possible because we had to catch a train at 6 PM from Mathura Junction to New Delhi. So After breakfast, we catch the bus from Mathura to Barsaane at 9 AM which is known for the birthplace of Goddess Radha. We reach Brasaane at 10:15 AM. We visited the Barsaane temple and also visited Mahal of Goddess Radha. Some suggestions when you visit Barsaane are do try Lassi from here which is popular throughout India. Locals from Barsaane said if you visit Barsaane without having Lassi then your trip to Mathura- Vrindavan is incomplete.

My best experience of exploring Mathura-Vrindavan
My best experience of exploring Mathura-Vrindavan

After visiting Barsaana we catch tempo again to Nandgaon which is 10 km away and is known to be the place Lord Krishna spent his childhood. We visit Nand Bhavan and after Nandgaon we catch the bus to Mathura which is 50 km away.

We deboard from our bus at Govardhan Parvat and started enquiring from locals about Govardhan Parikrama, locals told us earlier parikrama is completed by walk but from few years this parikrama can be completed through autorickshaw so since we were short of time we hire an auto by which we complete our parikrama in 1 and half hour. During the parikrama, we saw Radha Kund which looks so beautiful and we enjoyed parikrama.

After the parikrama, the time was 4:15 PM we rush to our lodge at Mathura via bus and reached Mathura art 5 PM and then we carry our luggage from the lodge and reached the railway station to catch our train back to Delhi.

My best experience of exploring Mathura-Vrindavan

In the end, I hope you like my experience of exploring Mathura- Vrindavan shared in my blog.

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