Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the beautiful Hindu festivals celebrating in India. This festival dedicates with the birth of Lord Ganesha. This festival is usually celebrated in the month of August and September but this year Ganesh chaturthi is on 22nd August and is celebrated for 10 days. This festival is celebrated all over India by Hindus with full joy and happiness but in the state of Maharashtra the vibes of this festival is incredible.

Sharing  how Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated in Maharashtra

So, to provide you with the best experience of celebrations of Ganesh chaturthi in Maharashtra. I took an interview on email with my friend Kartik Patni living in Mumbai who is sharing his wonderful experience.

Sharing how Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated in Maharashtra

Before starting an interview let me introduce my interviewee. My interviewee name is Kartik Patni, basically from Jaipur but from last 18 years he is staying in Mumbai. In Mumbai he is doing a job. As far as his passion he likes to travel and do photography.

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Sharing how Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated in Maharashtra

Interview with Kartik Patni: Now you will be reading an interview how Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated in Maharashtra.

In the state of Maharashtra, Ganesh chaturthi festival is being celebrated like Diwali which is the holiest festival in India. The vibes during the festival is incredible. This festival is celebrated for 10 days in which on the day of Ganesh chaturthi people get the murti (sculpture) of lord ganesha at their home with all their grace and celebrate this festival by making Modaks as prashad. On the 10th day of Ganesh chaturthi the visarjan of the murti (sculpture) of lord ganesha is done.

This festival is celebrated not just for hindus but for every cast in the society to bring wellness and prosperity along with peace within ourselves.

I feel lucky to be born in India, that our Indian mythology is very vast is considered to be holy by Indians because they believe in worshipping god.

According to Indian mythology, every Hindu God have a special status and a reason for their existence. One such god is Ganesh – Elephant God who is widely known throughout the country. 

Sharing  how Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated in Maharashtra

Being from Mumbai, I personally love this festival because of the enthusiasm and dedication devotees carry with them for this festival. Whole state of Maharashtra is beautifully light up during the 10 days of this festival. Devotees wore traditional wear which gives me a lot of positive vibes. 

I suggest you to visit Mumbai during Ganesh chaturthi festival because in Mumbai you’ll find every locality have its Raja. There is one such murti (sculpture) which is very famous is of Lalbaugcha Raja and it is said to be believe that if devotees prays with clear heart their wishes get fulfilled. There are thousands of people visiting to pray in front of the murti (sculpture) during the 10 days of this festival.

Sharing  how Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated in Maharashtra

At the end of 10 days, as the legend says “There’s a end for all the good things”, visarjan is done. There’s one sentence very popular “aagle basar tu jaldi aa” which means come soon next year and this makes the people wait for the festival even more.

Sharing  how Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated in Maharashtra

At the end, I suggest you again to experience the vibes of Ganesh chaturthi festival in Maharashtra.

Sharing how Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated in Maharashtra

In the end, I hope you like my blog and really want to thanks Kartik Patni for being my interviewee.

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