Hello explorers! have you heard of Asia’s longest road tunnel before, yes guys you heard correct it’s Asia’s longest road tunnel. The Chenani-Nashri road tunnel is Asia’s longest road tunnel and is constructed between Jammu & Srinagar highway in India. So, today I will be sharing the top 8 interesting facts you about the Chenani-Nashri road tunnel.

Chenani is known for popular Holy destinations for the devotees of Lord Shiva attracts tourists within the state and rest places in India. While you are planning a trip to explore Asia’s longest tunnel do plan to explore this beautiful destination as well.

Here are the top 8 amazing facts you must know about Chenani-Nashri Road tunnel:

1. Chenani- Nashri tunnel is not only the longest road tunnel in India but it is Asia’s longest road tunnel with a length of  9 km and is constructed with all modern facilities used by the Engineers and is not wrong if I say the construction of this tunnel is considered as the Engineers excellence.

Top 8 interesting facts about Chenani-Nashri road tunnel

2. Chenani- Nashri road tunnel is a 2 lane road tunnel constructed on Jammu – Srinagar Highway NH44 and by the construction of this road tunnel the distance between Jammu and Srinagar is reduced by 30 km and travel time is cut by two hours. This tunnel is also the part of 293-km long four-laning of the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway.

3. The construction of this tunnel started in the year 2011 and from then the construction took 6 years but before bringing this tunnel open for everyone Engineers and other workers at the sight face lot of challenges to construct a tunnel running through the Himalayas. Finally, after crossing all the challenges Chenani-Nashri tunnel was inaugurated by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 2 April 2017.

4. This tunnel is constructed at an elevation of 1,200 meters on the Himalayas

5.  This tunnel is also named as Patnitop tunnel which is the eye-catching tourist destination in Jammu & Kashmir. Remember if you are visiting Patnitop then you have to reach by the old route of Jammu-Srinagar Highway because to travel through this tunnel will By-pass Kud, Patnitop, and Batote on the Jammu-Srinagar national highway.

6.  This tunnel comprises two tubes with a special lane for exigencies with each tube has a diameter of 13 meters, while sideway has a diameter of 6 meters. You will also see 6,000 LED multiple color lights installed inside the tunnel which will not feel you bore.

Top 8 interesting facts about Chenani-Nashri road tunnel

7. Since the length of the tunnel is 9 km you will see air quality monitors every 12 meters which will keep a check on carbon dioxide.

8. This tunnel is constructed with Automated Integrated Traffic Control System which will monitor traffic round-the-clock and also having CCTV cameras inside the tunnel.

My experience of visiting Chenani – Nashri Tunnel:

Truly saying I had no idea to visit Chenani-Nashri Tunnel because I  went to a 1 night 2 day trip at Patnitop from Jammu city with my family which we enjoyed a lot and Patnitop is my one of the favorite hill stations in North India. So, while going to Patnitop we had to skip to travel through this tunnel because of this tunnel By-pass Patnitop. So on the day of checkout from the hotel, we decided to go to Jammu city by a longer route using the Patnitop-Batote-Nashri tunnel. Batote is 12 km away from Patnitop and is on the route between Jammu to Kashmir. From Batote tunnel is 12km away so in total the tunnel is 24 km away from Patnitop. The ride from this Asia’s longest tunnel is amazing. I suggest you all if you are planning for a Patnitop trip then do explore this route on return from Patnitop to Jammu city.

Top 8 interesting facts about Chenani-Nashri road tunnel
Route map of Distance between Chenani-Nashri tunnel to Patnitop
Top 8 interesting facts about Chenani-Nashri road tunnel
Route map of distance between Batote to Chenani-Nashri tunnel

Watch the full video of Chenani-Nashri road tunnel

Top 8 interesting facts about Chenani-Nashri road tunnel

In the end, I hope you like my blog and you will definitely add to explore Chenani-Nashri  Asia’s longest road tunnel in your list.

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